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When is the best time to do masonry repairs?

Otto's Masonry has been around and doing masonry repairs for over forty years in Toronto. Very often our clients will ask us if we can do masonry repairs in the winter. In most cases the answer is yes.

When it comes to temperature and brickwork there are ways around getting jobs done come freezing time. Very often we are called upon to tuckpoint and fix drafty brick/double brick walls. Cold houses (with no eligible explanation) often come down to air coming in under brick window sills, holes in tuckpointing on a side wall etc. This is an issue that often can't wait until the spring. We had to adapt to the Canadian winters and come up with solutions to be able to get work done.

There is a technical issue that can be encountered when trying to do tuckpointing in the winter and that is that mortar simply can't cure in below freezing temperaturs. BUT the solution is simple- we are able to tent and heat areas to allow proper drying.

So, if you are spending hundreds on your heating bill in one of these 100+ year old or even a newer home and think it might be a tuckpointing issue- give us a call and we will get your masonry repairs done fast and to a high quality standard.

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