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Parging is the process of coating bricks, blocks or cement with a thin coat of mortar in a smooth fashion. Its purpose is to protect the masonry wall from the elements and also to make things look tidy. it can be coloured if wanted. On some rough surfaces, we would apply 2 coats. It is similar to plastering inside walls (which is not done much any more). Inside basement walls are also often parged.

Our employee who performs all the parging we do is probably the best in Toronto, or at least among the best. We have a special formula to ensure the new parging does not come off the surface we put it on to, and the finished product is smooth and flat. Very attractive. There are some surfaces it will not adhere to , and in those cases we must fasten it with mechanical anchors.

masonry contractor, concrete work, parging repair, repair foundation, foundation crumbling


masonry contractor, parging, concrete foundation, foundation repair, crumbling foundation


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