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Waterproofing basement walls is a process where we dig up around the house to the depth of the footings of the basement walls, repair any holes in the walls, clean the walls off and plaster them with a fresh coat of cement. Once the cement has dried (cured), we brush a coat of tar on, let it dry, then apply a sheet of plastic foundation wrap which goes from the level of the ground down into gravel, which is over top of a weeping tile. The weeping tile is run through the footing somewhere, to hook up to a sump pump that we put inside the basement at the most out-of-the-way place (closet or furnace room). Then we put the dirt back in the trench that we dug and tidy up the landscaping. At basement windows we put in window wells and run a weeping tile from the bottom of the window well down into the weeping tile, so that in the case of a flood, the water will not fill up the window well and go into the basement through the window, but it will drain immediately down into the lower weeping tile and into the sump pump.


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