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Restoring vs. Modernizing your home

When it comes to homeownership in Toronto the decision to modernize your home or return it to its' former glory is among the first you may ask yourself. Whether you are adding a second story to your bungalow or simply need some tuckpointing cleaned up- Otto has the knowledge to see your project through.

The key to good masonry work is quality. It was a wise man who once said "cheap work is expensive". One of the perks of Otto's is that you receive competitive pricing backed by forty years of knowledge from being in the industry. Tuckpointing, chimney rebuilds and porch renovations are our bread and butter. Otto's Masonry has done it thousands of times in the East York area and will continue to be the #1 masonry company servicing this area. Not only can we help you to beautify your home- but through investing in the quality of workmanship- you are also adding value to it.

So: when it comes to your project the question becomes what will be my next home renovation project not who will be taking care of it. Let Otto's Masonry take care of your home.

Pictures: Before and after of a paint peel and tuckpointing done by Otto's Masonry.

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