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Masonry in Toronto

If you are a homeowner in Toronto you've probably figured out there are a ton of masonry companies around. It can be hard to know which companies to trust and which ones to stay away from. After all, picking the right masonry company can make the difference between adding value to your home and an eye sore you have to pay for come selling season.

Instead of giving you a list of masonry companies you can't trust, I'm going to tell you how to talk masonry to the trades and contractors so you know how to get the right questions answered.

Here are some key points to mention when choosing the right Masonry company in Toronto and why:

  1. Mortar/ Brick Matching. Why? Because this is the number one single most important skill a mason has and is indicative of how long he has been doing the job. If this is not in consideration when pricing/ quoting on your home you could end up with a 100 year old red heritage home that is supposed to have brown tinted mortar (due to age and weathering) and a darker red brick- but when repaired ends up with white/grey mortar and orange bricks. It will stick out like a sore thumb and will be something you have to address again and pay more money to get done right.

2. How long have they been in the industry? Lets be honest- there are a million and one things that can go wrong in construction. Heck, there are multiple TV shows based around it! You could go for a newer guy because maybe he is a little cheaper but if something goes wrong (a pipe bursts, you need some additional work hes not familiar with etc) you're going to end up paying for those extra expenses. With Otto's Masonry you know that we have been in the Masonry industry in Toronto for over forty years. Otto and his staff are very familiar with every aspect of home renovation, masonry, waterproofing, concrete work etc.

In effect, Otto has been in the Masonry industry so long that anything that could have gone wrong in the last forty years probably already has and has been lived through. It's through these experiences our staff and Otto have become more competent and also able to anticipate negative outcomes.

3. Cheaper isn't better. Firstly- Otto's Masonry does offer competitive pricing. BUT I wanted to try to convey to you why some guys are cheaper and some are far more expensive to give you some understanding on why, and why to avoid them at all costs. The thing is- while most contractors are probably well intentioned- they don't always know how to get a job done or how much money to ask for. In wanting to remain honest they will undercharge you, close the job (because wow he was so much cheaper!) and start it. Mid way they didn't anticipate (insert bump in the road here) and need to ask for more money. Anyone who is significantly under priced than the other guys is exactly that. Charging too little. It is a red flag so treat it as such. Most contractors in Toronto try to make the same profit margins.

Masonry is a skilled trade that takes years to perfect. It is in the finished product and how long it lasts that determines the amateur from the skilled artisan. At Otto's we only train the best. Many of our staff have been with us for 10-15 years.

While there are a multitude of Masons in Toronto- you can count on Otto's to knock your project out of the park from the first phone call with our live reception to your final goodbye to our Finance Manager. Let forty years of tried and true experience take care of your next home renovation.

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